Hoping they get Multitouch Multitasking Gestures right in iPad

I recently chirped on Twitter that I would love to see Multitouch Multitasking Gestures on iPad ship by default. As it stands you have to turn Development Mode on using Xcode in order to use them.

John Gruber quoted Guy English on the caveats to these gestures and while I agree they aren't perfect - I sure hope Apple doesn't give up before they've made them good enough to include by default. I know I know, Apple doesn't do anything "good enough".

Since turning these gestures on for my iPad 2 (have I told you that I named it Hurley?) I have been using them extensively. In fact, the only application that I've come across so far that has issue with them is Reeder.

I do not think Apple should or will ever get rid of the Home button. But I do believe that these gestures make using the iPad much quicker. The hardware, such as processor and RAM, isn't the issue of performance it is the controls. The iPad is plenty fast but having to find and double tap the Home button isn't nearly as quick a four-finger swipe up or side-to-side. Here's to hoping they get them right.