When will the Internet finally become commodified?

Just when I thought the Internet was already a commodity I visit Atlantic City where people are nickel and dime’d to death – literally.

I suppose it shouldn’t be very surprising to me that the resorts in Atlantic City charge you for every single amenity that they can, for every step you take on their property, and for every bite or sip of anything while you’re in the resort. This is the land in which retirees sit transfixed on three tumbling numbers – hoping they’ll line up and their life will somehow change.

Walking through the casinos Eliza and I saw older men and women, smoking and drinking, working two and three machines at a time – simply eking out the remainder of their existence at the mercy of the smoke, liquor, and gambling control boards. It isn’t a pretty sight. I’m all for a good game – this isn’t what this is. This is bloodletting and the vein is the pension plans of the retired and the drug and alcohol induced whims of newlyweds.

Did I mention we had a good time? For those of us with self control, the motivation to seek out the side streets, and the wherewithal to side-step the money hungry schemes – Atlantic City can be fun.

I suppose the part of all of this that makes me upset the most is that the Internet is a commodity nearly everywhere else in the world. Cafes, "cheap" motels, even the local car garage. It is a service. Like providing a phone book, phone, TV, business services, and "things to do" sheet all in one.

I’m just looking forward to the day when the Internet is as ubiquitous as electricity.

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