New Browser releases make me nauseous

You know that feeling you get when two of your friends ask you to do something different on the same day? That feeling in your stomach when you don't know which one to let down? You sit there agonizing over the choice between two friends, two things great things to do!

Firefox 4 was released today and once again I'm made to feel this same nauseating feeling. Every single time a new Browser is released, well Safari, Chrome, or Firefox (we'll leave Internet Explorer, Opera and others out of this), I'm torn between making the jump from one browser to the other.

I've jumped around a lot over the years. And it always comes back to one thing that determines whether or not I use a Browser every day; speed. I don't use many extensions, themes, or add-ons in any Browser. I had used Safari before it even supported such things. Speed, however, keeps me loyal to a Browser until - inevitably - the next-fastest Browser released pulls me away.

On the outset Firefox 4 feels very snappy. Just about as fast as Chrome (if not faster) and a lot faster than Safari. Chrome and Firefox 4 are now neck-and-neck for winning my default Browser of choice. But that's today and I'm sure that won't last long and, once again, I'll be left with the nauseating choice of jumping ship.