How to pronounce \”Devroe\”

I thought I would follow Shawn Blanc’s lead and let everyone know how to properly say my last name, Devroe.

My family has always had to correct people when they take the first stab at it – usually saying Dev-uh’-row or Dev’-row. One of my brothers has actually given up and now goes by the name Dev’-row. I do not.

Our last name is pronounced Dev’-rOO (like the sound in the word shoe). Before coming to America my family’s last name was Bijl de Vroe, pronounced Bail duh VrOO, until it was shortened sometime in the late-1940s to just Devroe.

It is easy to see why people would say it incorrectly but hopefully this post will make it easier for those of you who may have never heard my last name out loud before. If you have a hard-to-say last name I suggest following Blanc’s lead too.

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