Weigh in: February 1, 2011

A few steps backward, a few steps forward. The last two weeks have been pretty much a wash – but I’m glad that I’m back on track and headed in the right direction – down.

This weekI weighed in, again, at 200lbs. The same asI did on January 18th. SoI’ve lost the 2 pounds that I had gained. However, this week is Super Bowl week (and my favorite team the Pittsburgh Steelers are in it). So while my expectations for weight loss this week are low my motivation is high to have a good week (besides Sunday). I’malso traveling to Florida forMagicRuby but I’m a veteran of traveling while on a diet and should do just fine.

Oh, and just for posterity I’m not doing very well on the exercise front at all. I have all of these aspirations to be doing more in that area and I’m simply not. I have a few excuses like time and weather but really, when it comes down to it, I just need to find the motivation tostart – as that is the hardest part.

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