Again, Tumblr’s investors seem only focused on Tumblr’s traffic

I’ve already said all I’ve wanted to say about why I don’t think Tumblr’s team and investors should be focused solely on traffic. But, it appears they still are.

Bijan Sabet, partner at Spark Capital and one of the lead investors in Tumblr, today on his tumblog:

“i gotta talk to @davidkarp about this. if i’m reading this correctly, it looks like Tumblr is *growing* by 200M page views per week.”

You’ll be hard pressed to find him talking too much about their downtime.

And again (because I feel as though this post could come across the wrong way), I’m willing to bet all of the money in my pockets that the Tumblr team is doing everything they can to keep their service up and running – I just think they and their investors should be talking about it more. They should be talking about how they’re pulling out all of the stops, pushing all of their resources and people at the problem, their successes and failures in that area. Simply ignoring the subject and constantly trying to talk only about the good things that are going on smells like propaganda and spin. And I seriously doubt that is intentional but that is the way it smells from here.

Note to self: Learn from this.