I'm heading to Florida for MagicRuby

Not many people know how well suited Viddler's platform is for developing on top of. Kyle Slattery and I are heading to Florida in a few weeks to attend Magic Ruby to let some talented Ruby developers know just that.

We've set up a special page on Viddler just for Magic Ruby to help let people know some of the things we're already doing with the Ruby community. We hope to learn a little about Ruby, to let attendees know about Viddler, and to enjoy the weather.

Viddler's offerings to developers aren't limited to only Ruby. We've got a fantastic API that has been recently overhauled and wrappers for just about every language. We power some of the biggest brands online and our platform has been used to power web sites, applications, iPhone and iPad applications and much more. I personally hope to help Viddler grow in this area in 2011.

If you're a developer and ever have any video needs - consider using Viddler for your next project.