Celebrating 100 pieces of art with an artist interview series on The Watercolor Gallery

Back in late August I was celebrating over 30 works of art in The Watercolor Gallery's archive. Today I'm celebrating over 100. It is an amazing milestone for me personally as it hasn't been easy to try to create a valuable gallery in such a short period of time.

To celebrate hitting this milestone I've begun posting interviews with artists from all over the world. I've been collecting these interviews for about a month in preparation for hitting the big One Oh Oh. The first interview is with Kannika Soonthornyankit from Bangkok, Thailand. I figured where better to start than half-way around the globe?

Future interviews will be with artists in New York, Texas, England, Switzerland and even some with artists that seem to have nopermanentaddress.

The entire purpose of The Watercolor Gallery, as stated on its about page, is to help inspire me and others to do great work in watercolor. The artist interview series is just one more way that I'm trying to accomplish that goal.

I've got plans for how to celebrate reaching 250 and 500 works of art in the archive but you'll just have to wait and see what those are.

To anyone that has subscribed to The Watercolor Gallery's RSS feed, followed it on Tumblr, or followed @h2ocolor on Twitter - thank you. Thank you for being interested and hopefully inspired. Stay tuned, there is much more to come.