Letters of Note, 1 year old

Congratulations to Letters of Note for hitting it's 1 year anniversary. Last year Letters of Note made my The best of 2009 as told by me list winning The Best New Blog Award.

What I said then still stands now:

"Letters of Note is pretty much the perfect blog. Blogs, unless they are personal journals, should focus on a very specific topic. You’ve probably noticed that the most popular blogs are focused on technology, gadgets, startup companies, knitting, cooking, design, etc. There are very few popular blogs that focus on many things while there are a ton that focus on one thing. Letters of Notes knows where it fits and focuses on a really fascinating topic; letters, notes, memos, and even telegrams that are in some way notable.

I have yet to come across an uninteresting post at Letters of Note."

It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway; I recommend you subscribe.