Abstract Fine Art Photography from Shane Robinson

My friend Shane Robinson, who hails from the windward side of Oahu, Hawai'i, has a brand-new Etsy shop where he showcases some of his photographic work in abstract fine art. His photos are simply gorgeous and would make excellent decorations for an office (which I'm picking up for Viddler HQ), your home or as gifts for friends and family that appreciate fine things.

Here is how Shane describes his work:

"These are actual photographs straight from my Canon camera.I grab my camera and follow my intuition as everyday objects in nature and around the house call out to me to reveal their hidden beauty. I like to slip into the flow of energy that lies beneath the surface of things we find useful, comforting, or perhaps have come to take for granted. The camera lens distills the essence of color and pattern, while also showing the inter-connectedness that we miss from the perspective of so-called normal reality. Though I can be as cranky as the next person, I love being able to find beauty virtually everywhere and share it with you. These images are created fully “in camera” and are not manipulated otherwise."

The fact that Shane is able to create such amazing images without using any special equipment or post-processing is evidence of his artistry.