Help! What should my new voicemail greeting say?

Hello dear readers of my personal Web site (all 3 or 4 of you lovely, lovely people)! I have a problem. My voicemail greeting - you know, the thing you hear when you call my phone and I don't pick up - needs to be updated. I've had the same greeting for over three years. Here is what it says today:

"Hey, you've reached Colin's iPhone please leave a message."

I had a few reasons for setting my greeting to the above three years ago. First, I had a brand new first-generation iPhone (that lasted all three years) and I thought it'd be cool to say iPhone in the greeting. Second, I'm not fond of long greetings and so I tried to keep it short. I also worked my name in there.

But now I want something different. Something fresh. Something that is still short and to the point but perhaps slightly more memorable. Oh, and I don't think it should include the word iPhone anymore.

Suggestions? Sound off in the comments. If I use your idea I'll tweet it out and link you up in this post (if you care about that sorta thing).