Goodbye Dreamhost

As you may have noticed this website has been unavailable or erring for over 36 hours. This isn't the first time that Dreamhost has had issues and it has effected my site. Over the years of my using Dreamhost there has been a lot of problems, a lot of downtime, a lot of headaches.

Any time you are on a shared hosting service you are bound to have some sort of hiccups, however, my main problem with Dreamhost is their reactionary approach to customer support. Even though they've had server issues that made my site has gone down, billing issues that made my account become suspended, and database issues that set my site back a few days each time, they've never tried - not even once - to fix my site until I beg for help. Usually that help comes fairly quickly but it is never solved on the first try - because they try to fix the issue very quickly instead of correctly.

I guess I'm just sick of being a small fish in a large pond.

If you're reading this it means that this site has already been moved off of Dreamhost and I'm in the process of closing my account. I won't say where I'm going yet (that's a secret). But for now, goodbye Dreamhost.