Old habits seemingly die easy

[caption id="attachment_4050" align="alignright" width="220" caption="Me dead asleep in 2006"][/caption]

Sometimes you wonder if the habits you have today will simply always be your habits. I'm here to tell you that old habits die easy.

Five years ago I was going to sleep at 5am and waking up mid-afternoon. In a very short period of time the opposite is now true. I like to be in bed before midnight and prefer being awake before 7am.

This wasn't something I tried to do consciously but it happened out of necessity. My schedule simply changed. Back in 2005 I was self employed rather than working for a company. My primary job was programming and I didn't need to interact with anyone during the day but now my job description is a little more broad.

I'm hoping to someday soon write a post about how my morning ritual has changed. It might take a little while but I know that it can happen.

So maybe think about one of your habits that you'd like to change or perhaps in five years you'll be like me and looking back at how easily one of your old habits died and you didn't even try.