The new iPhone, reportedly.

Reportedly this is the new iPhone that is due out this summer.

Reportedly it has a ridiculously fine, nearly as good as print, screen. Reportedly it has a front-facing camera that could be used for all sorts of new applications. Reportedly the two-button volume controls, as opposed to the current single-button volume controls, could be used to control the reported flash bulb that is on the back-side-camera. Reportedly the entire thing is made of a combination of glass, ceramics, and aluminum. Reportedly the new iPhone will have a larger battery than it does now. Reportedly the sleek design of the iPhone is going back to the first-generation "flat" casing rather than the rounded back-side. Reportedly the second microphone at the to near the headphone jack could be used for noise cancellation (read: clearer speakerphone).

All this from a phone that won't even boot.

Reportedly I want one.