Email comment replies to commenters using the CommentMailer plugin for WordPress

Sorry for the long title but I’m guessing that this post will be found by people searching for this more than those of you that subscribe to my blog.

For a long time, actually ever since I got an email from Marisa McClellan stating that she replied to a comment I left on her blog, I’ve wanted to be able to reply to a comment on my blog and have it automatically sent to the person that I’m replying to via email without changing the workflow for me. In other words, I didn’t want to have to copy/paste my reply and email the commenter or reply to the default WordPress comment notification email. I wanted to simply click reply on the comment, type in my message, select who I would like to email (or not) and click send.

With CommentMailer I can do just that. Although it is only at version 0.1 (so it is a little bit rough) it works great and I am happy I can finally let people that are kind enough to comment on my blog know that I’ve replied via email.

Update: Prompted by Katy Widrick asking me, via Twitter, how to set up Comment Mailer I’ve decided to post my response email syntax here.


My reply:




— end —

The %notes% keyword is the one that will ultimately put a link in the email back to the original blog post. It would be nice to have %link% available though.