Engadget, Viddler and the iPad

At the end of a link from John Gruber's most-excellent Daring Fireball to Engadget's review of the Joojoo he wrote:

"(Ironically, Engadget’s video demos are only available in Flash. Why would a website devoted to leading-edge gadgetry continue to embed video in a format that can’t be played on the best web-reading gadget? If your video doesn’t play on the iPad, you’re like Steve Allen mocking the lyrics to rock-and-roll songs — an anachronism.)"

That is an excellent question. Why are they embedding their video in a format that isn't supported on the iPad, or iPhone, or iPod, or Droid or __________ fill in the blank with many other mobile devices? Because Viddler doesn't support it yet. We're late for a variety of reasons - some our own fault some third party - but no one likes to play the blame game. So we'll just focus on the positive.

We're working on it. And it won't be very long until Engadget's blog posts, all of them, work flawlessly on the iPad.