Geronimo Jack’s Beard – A new LOST podcast from Jorge Garcia

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This is too awesome for words but I’ll try my best anyway. Jorge Garcia, whose blog I’ve been subscribed to for – well, a long time now, has started a LOST podcast – aptly named Geronimo Jack’s Beard (presumably in tribute to Geronimo Jackson which has been mentioned on LOST a few times over the years).

What makes this podcast awesome (besides the fact that sidekick22, Jorge’s lady friend Bethany James Leigh Shady, and Jorge himself are doing this themselves) is that they started putting together this podcast in August 2009 when LOST began shooting Season 6. They’re releasing these episodes now, since LOST has premiered Season 6 Episode 1 already, and anything they talk about (the script, the shooting, etc.) wouldn’t be considered spoilers anymore.

I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again – Jorge’s character on LOST, Hurley, is my second-favorite character on LOST. Charlie, is my favorite and probably always will be. This is now my second favorite podcast too. Terry Gross’ FRESH AIR on NPR will more than likely always hold that top spot.

Jorge & Beth – if you’re reading this; this was a really great idea and I sincerely appreciate you sharing it.