Google Reader subscription notifications

I've got an idea for the Google Reader team. When someone on Viddler, or Twitter or Facebook "follows" me I get an email letting me know. This gives me an opportunity to identify who is following me, learn about them as people instead of just statistics and perhaps even follow them back if I want to.

I wish Google Reader did this for people that subscribe to my feed (which is also available on Twitter by the way). According to Google Reader there are a few hundred people that have subscribed to this site that use Google Reader. This certainly isn't everyone that has subscribed to this site but it'd be nice to know who these people are. It'd be nice if Google Reader, optionally, told me the usernames of the people that subscribed. A simple email notification that says "So and So has subscribed to your site via Google Reader" would suffice. This would give me the same opportunities as today's popular social networks and I think that'd be great.