These are a few of my favorite things

I have different reasons for saving favorites on each service that I use. I figured I’d take some time to explain the reasons by listing out the services on which I save favorites and why. Also of note is that these reasons happened naturally and were not the result of me trying to think of reasons to save things as favorites.

  • On Viddler I save videos that I like, that I want Derek (our Community Leader) to see, or that I want to promote to the front page.
  • On Flickr I save photos that I like, would like to paint or draw, or want to find again easily.
  • On Twitter I save tweets that I like, would like to read later, or that I think are notable in some way.
  • On Tumblr (no permalink?) I save posts for the same reason I do tweets. Reading later.
  • On Google Reader I star things I want to read later.
  • On Facebook I like things that I agree with but have no comment on.

And that is about all of the services that I use on a regular basis or that I favorite things on. With my recent addiction to Instapaper I like less Tumblr and Google Reader items but I still do occasionally.

What about you?