Dave Oberheu on fun and winning

My friend Dave Oberheu is a bit of a gaming nut. Having played several games at his house over the years I can tell you from first hand knowledge that Dave probably owns more games than you have ever played.

I really like this quote from a recent post on his gaming blog Brettspiel Cafe titled On fun and winning:

“This time investment means a lot can be lost or gained in a players experience and means “fun”, “sportsmanship” and “winning” are put in a crucible over a blowtorch.”

“In a crucible over a blowtorch.” I love that bit. And he’s right. A game that takes a very long time to complete will ultimately mean a wane of interest to win or have fun.

The bit where he puts dimwits and poker players in the same sentence? That I can not agree with for I like poker.