And thanks for the stats

This is odd.

Today I was reading on's blog about "Two New Stats Things", written by the always fantastic and multi-talented Andy Skelton, and since I use Wordpress' free stats plugin as my primary means of tracking statistics here on First initial, last name I figured I'd show my appreciation to Andy and team for the upgrades being very welcomed.

When I scrolled to the bottom of the page (there were over 175 comments when I was going to post my own) the normal comment form you'd expect to see was not there. What was there was a message stating that I have to log in to post a comment. I did that. Then, I went back to the page and it said this:

"You must set a blog as your URL to post a comment. Please update Your Profile."

I realize that is, in and of itself, its own community. It is a "service" built on top of Wordpress. But I found this, as I said, odd and also a bit disappointing that I couldn't leave a comment to say thanks. Oh, the reason I can't just update my profile and leave a comment? I don't have a blog but I do have an account there so that I can use the API key for both Akismet and Stats (two products I am extremely thankful to the Automattic team for). Otherwise I'd have just bit the bullet and left a comment with an 'inaccurate' URL. But I couldn't.

So I'll thank Andy and his team here. Thanks Andy. For my humble little blog your stats plugin has been just what I've needed and nothing more to track how people read here on my site. The most recent update of showing the home page stats is very, very welcomed. Thanks.