The L5 Remote

Speaking of cool remote controls - the L5 Remote is a combination iPhone/iPod touch application accessory to turn said iPhone or iPod touch into a remote control for your television, DVR, Blu-ray player, and just about anything else accepting IR input.

Yes, please. But I'll need a discount on two (one for my iPhone and one for the wife's).

The utility of an iPhone is something that is being realized over time. It is a simple, extensible touchscreen device that can and will replace many, many other devices. Think of the devices it has already replaced (for those of us that own one). For me the iPhone has already replaced a pocket-sized digital camera for quick photos, an iPod, a phone, a "netbook" like device for Internet access (anything smaller than a laptop), a notebook, a pocket dictionary (not a device I suppose), a photo album, an alarm clock, a calendar, a to do list of some sort, a wireless remote control for my surround sound when playing music through iTunes, a pocket-sized gaming device (like a Nintendo DS or the like), and much more.

For those that have the iPhone 3GS it replaces, by default, several other devices such as a small pocket-sized video camera, a GPS device, and perhaps even a turn-by-turn directions device for the car.

I think that we're just beginning to see the iPhone being extended through accessories that will help it replace even more of our devices. Will the next version of the iPhone do that even better? Will Apple announce a new device that will replace even more devices in our home? Time will tell.