Waterproofing your iPhone

As reported by Danilo Campos on Twitter "Any ziplock bag you happen to find in your kitchen will waterproof your phone while allowing the screen to respond." So I gave it a whirl and it works!

Neven Mrgan, who I heard this through, brought up a few great uses for this. He said "This means I can use my iPhone when I walk in the rain. I can read recipes off it in an oily, wet kitchen. I can follow crafting tutorials, paint all over my fingers."

Back when I had dead spots on my iPhone's touchscreen I was told by the Apple Genius at the store said that any moisture making it underneath the touchscreen could have been the cause. After thinking of the ways I could have gotten moisture into the iPhone I realized it could have been sweat when answering the phone while working out and playing basketball. From now on I'll be putting my iPhone in a baggy when making sweaty phone calls.

The possibilities are now indeed endless.