Something is diverting the Twitter stream

Last night, long after my “sleep” preference that I have set up on Twitter, I got a text message from Paul Stamatiou via Twitter. I follow Paul, or @Stammy as he’s known on Twitter, but I do not have him turned on for SMS notifications.

Odd, I thought. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

This morning Jon Christopher mentioned that a “Random tweet from someone [he’s] *not* following showed up in Tweetie”.

A few minutes ago, Faruk AteÅŸ said the same thing happened to him.

On my count that is three people and I can only imagine out of millions of Twitter users that it is happening to others as well. I am not sure what is going on, but like the Persians led by Cyrus the Great in October 540 BC when they diverted the Euphrates river to enter Babylon, something or someone is diverting the Twitter stream.

Update: It turns out Twitter knows about the problem. I just hope people that have their Twitter profiles private are secure.