Leave Tiger Woods and all other celebrities alone

George Vecsey “reporting” for the New York Times has a terrible piece about Tiger Woods’ not being very forthcoming about an accident he recently had right outside his own home. Vecsey goes off on Tiger simply because he feels his pen (err, keyboard) is mightier than Woods’ driver. To Vecsey I say; you’re an idiot.

It doesn’t matter what I say in this post about how I think we should just leave celebrities the heck alone. Because people will continue to watch the news, buy newspapers with tabloid-esque headlines on them, and want to see the latest bathing suit photos of this year’s top celebs. It is disgusting.

Ryan Irelan agrees, who cares?. Who cares why Tiger hit a fire hydrant right outside his home? The media likes to claim that he has a responsibility to say why because he’s “looked up to” and is “the world’s most famous athlete”. I don’t buy that. He’s a human American male. He has the exact same rights and obligations as I do.

He is keeping personal matters personal and he knows his rights – I’d say that is a role model to look up to, regardless of what happened. But, this silence will not last long I fear. He’ll be pressured to the point where he’ll have to say something just to get it all behind him.