An interview with Terry Gross from 1998

Terry Gross, by far my favorite radio personality to whom I listen religiously, was interviewed in 1998 on Mothers Who Think for Salon Magazine by Lori Leibovich.

I love these few bits. First, a little about Terry’s reputation.

“Marcus isn’t the only journalist to swoon over Gross — other colleagues speak of her with reverence, as do her listeners, many of whom say “Fresh Air” is their favorite part of the day or the only thing that gets them through a long commute. And her guests declare her unrivaled among interviewers. An icon of the intellectual elite, Gross elicits great new information from overinterviewed celebrities and public figures. She’s a sympathetic, intelligent listener who can also push hard when necessary.”

And this bit, which is the reason I enjoy the show so much.

“… Gross does not see herself or her show as being about “gotcha” moments and scoops, but about the arts and the mind.”

I love that the entire interview is available on the Web, ad free.

As a reminder, here is what I said about Terry Gross in January of this year.

“Terry Gross, the host of Fresh Air, is an unassuming, casual interviewer that consistently conducts interviews that hold your attention for the entire length of the program. She’s intelligent, in touch with what the audience wants to know, and obviously tirelessly prepares for each episode.”

/via Liz Danzico.