Pie Guy, a free web game for iPhone

Pie Guy, for iPhone.

Pie Guy is a fun game for your iPhone that is free, is installed via the Web (it is a fancy Web page), works offline, and is actually a lot of fun (works sorta like Pac-Man).

Neven Mrgan, the developer of Pie Guy, built the game - not only so people can enjoy the game - but to help show what is possible via HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for building games or applications on the iPhone using the Web browser rather than native cocoa technologies.

"If you find Pie Guy a fun game to play, well that’s grand.

But, I hope Pie Guy will also be an opportunity for the code-savvy among you to learn a trick or two about making serious web apps for the iPhone. Just grab my source code and tweak it. I’m not talking about just a fancied-up webpage here; this is a fullscreen game, with fast gameplay and responsive touch controls. I can’t wait to see what a better programmer does with this stuff (it’s not hard to program better than me!)"

A very notable thing to do and I hope a ton of talented developers take him up on it. I'd love to see stuff like jQuery for iPhone games/apps (which I'm sure exists in some form or another).

Also of note: As Neven pointed out in his announcement post - don't try this on your first generation iPhones. This game only performs well on an iPhone 3GS.