Flight is possible to man.

Another day, another great letter of note. I know I’ve suggested Letters Of Note in the past but today I must suggest this specific letter. A letter written by Wilbur Wright. My favorite letter so far.

"With this general statement of my principles and belief I will proceed to describe the plan and apparatus it is my intention to test. In explaining these, my object is to learn to what extent similar plans have been tested and found to be failures, and also to obtain such suggestions as your great knowledge and experience might enable you to give me. I make no secret of my plans for the reason that I believe no financial profit will accrue to the inventor of the first flying machine, and that only those who are willing to give as well as to receive suggestions can hope to link their names with the honor of its discovery. The problem is too great for one man alone and unaided to solve in secret."

That paragraph is wrapped in wordy goodies.

Editors note: I updated this post to reflect that in fact Wilbur, not Orville, wrote this letter. My apologies.