The summer's biggest catch

Photo credit: Eliza Devroe.

After a friend and I were talking about fishing this weekend I noticed that I never posted a photo of my biggest catch this summer - a 5-pound bass.

As you can see from the photo I was soaking wet. Eliza, my friend Johnny, and myself walked to our fishing spot (about a mile off the road) only to have a downpour come at us about half-way there. We figured we'd continue even though we were soaked.

The rain brought out a lot of frogs and toads that were jumping back and forth on our path. Just before we got to our spot I grabbed a toad that I was going to use for a few minutes instead of our night crawlers that we brought with us. The toad was fairly big so I knew that they only fish I'd get to bite would be a whopper.

You see, the thing about bass is that they love to feed after a hard rain. Rain washes insects, worms, and other critters into the river and so bass just sort of swim up stream and gobble up pretty much whatever hits their mouths. Fishing right after a decent rain fall, when the water is all murky from the rush, is the best time to get a fair amount of hits.

It wasn't too terribly long before my toad disappeared under the water. It was like a vacuum was turned on under the surface and the toad simply sunk straight down. But then the toad popped back up a few feet away, only it was no longer on my line. My line was being dragged away. The bass didn't put up much of a fight and I brought it in pretty quick.

The bigger the fish the older the fish and some would say that a bass this size is probably not great for eating. But I wasn't about to throw back my catch of the summer. Nummers!