A LessConf wrap up post by @Yardboy

Another nice post about LessConf, this time by @Yardboy, and he gives his general thoughts about each presentation and the conference as a whole. Here is what he wrote about Yours Truly:

“Colin Devroe from Viddler seemd to have a lot of fun with his talk. Steve and Allan issued a series of challenges across the Twitterverse in the weeks leading up to the conference (“Colin eats lightning”, “Colin juggles chainsaws”), and Colin took them on in high style, tongue planted firmly in cheek, via a series of comical vids. I thought they were great, and I enjoyed his discussion of how, why and when to measure success.”

Thanks @Yardboy (sorry, I don’t know your real name and even after digging I didn’t find it). I’m really happy that the overall vibe of LessConf was positive and it seemed as though everyone had a great time.

Now, about those videos of the presentations. I have it on high authority that they are nearing completion. Stay tuned.