Day one: Discovery

NaNoDrawMo - Day one: Discovery.

NaNoDrawMo – Day one: Discovery.

Ted Arnold, a farmer from New England, notices what appears to be an egg just outside of his barn. Cautiously he approaches the object wondering where it may have come from.

As he stares at it for a few minutes from about 10 feet away he remembers a distant memory from when he was younger. Long before his father died and left him his corn-feed farm that he had run for over 40 years. Long before his mom died when he was 8 during one of the hardest winter storms in the history of Vermont.

This memory was from a time when his father used to tell him and his sister stories around the fire. Stories from when he was young. Stories like the time when his grandfather brought his father and his aunts and uncles on a boat from Wales and immigrated to the United States. Coming through New York City, trying to find work, slowly building up enough money to get to Vermont and ultimately building the family farm. The story that was coming to mind now, however, was a story of the time they thought they found something outside of the barn and his grandfather made his father and the rest of the family stay in the house for nearly an entire month! His father explained how he had no idea what happened after they found, whatever it was, out by the barn. His grandfather wouldn’t say anything. He barely ate, slept, or talked to them for the month. The children just went about their business of doing their school work, playing card games, and doing some of their chores that they could do – indoors.

When the month was over, his father told him while staring at the fire, his grandfather came back into the house nearly sulking. He had never seen his grandfather, or his father for that matter, cry. But when he described the way he held himself he knew that this was about as close to that as possible.

That was all his father told him. That was all he knew! And now, could it be, whatever had happened so many years ago is happening again? A strange object has appeared in the same spot his father described in his story. But now, there was no one around to tell him what it was. No one for at least 4 miles, actually.

He decided to get a little closer to it.

Continued in Day two: The shell.

NaNoDrawMo is a personal challenge to push would-be artists beyond the bounds of comfortable “when I have time” practice for one month and see what happens.” All of my drawings are being done using the incredible Acorn by Flying Meat.