Letters of Note

It has been far too long since I made any suggestions to all of you. Suggestions, here on First Initial, Last Name are what I consider recommended reading/viewing. Of course, all of the links I put here are worthy of your attention I’m just trying to draw more than the usual attention to these specific links. In other words, if I tag something with ‘suggestions’ that means I’m nearly demanding that you at least check it out. Got it?

Letters of Note, a site that transcribes old letters showing both an image of the original letter along with the transcription of it, is probably the best way to come out of this unplanned hiatus.

The letter that spurred me to write this suggestion was “I was ready to sink into the earth with shame”. However, a recent notable letter “I refuse to salute the flag” is also worth linking to.

I’ve been subscribed for weeks and have read every letter.