The iMac as my main computer

The old iMac on desk

Taken on October 15, 2004.

Five years ago today: Well, not really. I haven’t been keeping up with my “five years ago today posts” and so this one is a bit late. Switching to the Macintosh was a fairly long process for me due to the work I was doing at the time. My having the iMac up and on my desk, as my main computer at the time, was sort of a big deal for me.

The desk I had at the time was an old library table. It wasn’t very fashionable but it was sturdy and did its job until I switched to the IKEA desk that I have now.

The Microsoft Wireless keyboard and mouse, which came with a USB dongle that I despised, wasn’t a bad setup at the time. I miss the ergonomics of the keyboard, actually. The new, slim keyboards from Apple are incredibly nice to type on but are not as nice on the wrists as that keyboard was.

You’ll notice that a really old version of (a site that has since gone the way of the dinosaur) is loaded on the iMac. The good old days indeed.