Almost all of Tumblr is down?

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Nothing is stated on their Twitter account. Their staff blog is silent (yet not down). Of course, neither is Marco Arment's Tumblog (he's a staff member). And yet my dashboard is down, my Tumblog is down, and so are many others.

Tumblr message

The message appears to suggest that they know about this downtime. But I don't think so, because they didn't let any of us users know about it and they usually do an incredible job with this type of thing.

The fact that the staff blog is up, Marco's blog is up, and pretty much everything else is down (even photo slideshows), suggests to me that they've had some sort of outage that only affects some users and not all users. Perhaps they separate out VIP users? That'd make sense.

Hope Tumblr comes back up soon.

Update: As of 7:49a the error message on the dashboard has changed to this:

Tumblr error

It seems like an automatically generated message from Squid. Squid, I believe, actually will notify the technical team at Tumblr with an email, SMS message, or whatever they have set up to notify them when an error such as this occurs.

Update again: As of 8:11a EST it is back. We'll see if anything is said as to why. But, I also saw a lot of Tumblogs that mentioned the downtime and some funny error messages they were getting. So maybe there was some planned downtime?