Our new ride, Mary Ann, is a 2007 Honda Civic LX

Mary Ann. 2007 Honda Civic LX

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook,Tumblr or my wife on Flickr than you know that we’ve picked up a new car. We decided on a 2007 Honda Civic LX.

After our major Jeep FAIL last week we knew we needed something. For many months we’ve wanted to have a smaller, more economical and eco-friendly car. It would have been nice to have both the Jeep and the Civic (for various purposes of being able to pick which vehicle suited the needs for the day) but that is life. Ending up with a Honda was no surprise. We both really like Hondas and have for some time.

About the name, Mary Ann

One of our friends, Sam, has a Honda Civic Si that he named Ginger. We thought it’d be fun to name her in kind, so, Mary Ann it is. Not as flashy as Ginger but perhaps with a little more brains? We have more than a few friends with Hondas (we’re totally going to start a club) so it is nice to finally fit in.

I plan to do a little car-geek review of the Civic after owning it for a little while.