Project Retweet

Retweeting, or the act of relaying a tweet to your followers with attribution to the original author using ‘RT @username msg’ in a message on Twitter, is about to change a bit. Biz Stone has shared their vision for how Retweeting could become integrated into Twitter.

I like this. First of all, Retweeting has become so well used and known enough on Twitter that it is time for it to be officially supported in both the API and the interface. Second, the way that Twitter will be handling them gives people the option to see them or not (since as of now, it isn’t optional). And third, the way that they are doing it gives precedence to the original author much more than the current way people do it.

Of course, the RT syntax of Retweeting probably won’t be going anywhere. Maybe they’ll use that syntax to trigger a proper Retweet the way they do now with ‘follow username’, ‘d username msg’, and others. Time will tell but I’m liking the direction this is going.