What I learned from the situation today

Have you ever said something and say “That didn’t come out right”? What about this? Have you ever been a little less than patient and do or say something a little bit too soon? Or, or maybe this? Have you ever thought you were doing something exactly the way that you should only to look back at it and wonder why in the world you did any of it in the first place?

That pretty much summarizes my morning. But even good things can come from bad situations so here are a few things I learned today after dealing with the situation this morning.

First, I should have never emailed TechCrunch about the issue before I had heard something from the Automattic team. If the problem that I was having was a real, widespread issue then I would have only made it worse by directing attention to it. Second, I probably shouldn’t have written the blog post at all – at least not until after to simply chronicle the issue for posterity. This way it wouldn’t have been inflated, ineffectual, over reaching, and panic inducing. Third, I was misunderstood on multiple levels and by not reacting the way that I did I could have avoided that. I was mistaken about the entire situation. I tried to be of assistance and I ended up causing much to-do about nothing.

I regret publicizing it, regret trying to notify the tech media, and regret how I was misunderstood. I can’t do too much to rectify much if any of this but I can learn and move on – which is exactly what I’m going to do.