Bing ‘forces’ Silverlight install

Roz Savage, the Ocean Rower I linked to the other day, recently mentioned that she was a feature on’s home page. Since I’m a few days behind on reading her posts she was no longer featured on the home page by the time I got there.

I noticed that’s home page features have little arrows in the bottom right where you can, or seemingly can, go back and see past home page features. There’s just one thing – when you try to go back to previous home page features you get this message.

Bing Silverlight

Essentially: You need to install Microsoft Silverlight – which is Microsoft’s competitor to Adobe Flash – in order to see the home page archive.

No thanks Microsoft. Although I’d love to page through Bing’s home page features I’d rather not install Silverlight. I’m not sure why I can see the current home page feature without it installed – but I’ll chalk it up to the developers of Bing being pigeon-holed into using Silverlight instead of JavaScript and/or Flash to create the home page archive.

My suggestion: Go with JavaScript so that everyone can see the home page archive and there is no real competition argument to be had.