Strawberry picking at Pallman’s again this year and making wine

Bowl of strawberries

Last year, when Eliza and I picked strawberries at Pallman’s Poultry Farm, was my first time picking strawberries. So, obviously – this year was my second. This time we had company. Our friends Paul and Sherin joined us and not only did we have a good time – we picked a lot of berries.

Eliza and I, with red fingers.

Paul and Sherin.

A big strawberry patch


At the end of my post from last year I said that this year we’d be determined to pick enough berries to make wine. And we did just that. Based on a recipe that I got from a friend that makes excellent wine (which I will share in a forthcoming post) – it takes 16 pounds of crushed strawberries to make 5-gallons of wine. So I spent two nights cutting and crushing the berries. I’m very optimistic about how it will turn out.

Crushing strawberries.

16 pounds of crushed strawberries

In our garden this year we only have two small strawberry bushes that we planted. Next year I’d like to extend it enough to harvest enough strawberries to make wine and for our general strawberry use. Now that is a goal.