Gary Vaynerchuk at #140conf

My very good friend Gary Vaynerchuk recently gave a talk in New York City at #140conf, which is a essentially a conference about Twitter, dealing with scaling caring.

I've seen many of his talks and keynotes and this was one of the more focused and meaningful in recent memory. He touches on the fact that caring about your product, brand, business, and the community that you're trying to build around such things is, indeed, hard work. There's no silver bullet and yes you have to put in some long hours if you really, really care.

That, and he's trying not to curse now which is something I've been trying to get him to stop doing during his talks for years but now that he's got a little baby girl (who is as cute as a button) he's making a real effort.

Money quote: "I'm the greatest contradiction of all time." - @garyvee

Oh, and a few hours later he had some fun on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.