Problems with Twitterrific 2 caused by the Twitpocalypse

Last night while at a bar with a friend I started getting weird errors in Twitterrific 2. I was taking down notes, saving screenshots, all because I wanted to provide a good bug report to The Iconfactory when I had the chance. This morning I quickly checked their site and read this:

"We apologize for problems that iPhone and iPod touch Twitterrific users are currently experiencing due to the so-called Twitpocalypse."

Ugh. Well, that saved me the time of writing up a bug report. But now I know it will be a little while before I can use my favorite Twitter application on the iPhone.

Update: At some point on Sunday evening an update to Twitterrific 2 for the iPhone and iPod touch had been approved through the App Store and is available through normal app updating methods. Seems to work peachy now.