Dispatches from the Island - the Weblog of Jorge Garcia

For a while now I've been enjoying Jorge Garcia's blog which he calls Dispatches from the Island. You may know Jorge from LOST. He plays Hugo "Hurley" Reyes.

Side note: Hurley is by far my most-favorite character on LOST. Charlie Pace was always a close-second and when we lost him in Season 3 I always said that if Hurley goes I won't watch anymore. With only one season of LOST left I think it is safe to say that Hurley will be around until nearly the end if not the end - so I'm happy about that.

Why do I enjoy Jorge's blog? Because of posts like this. Jorge recently came to New York to be a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon ((Here is a video of him being on the show which I think is classic.)) and in doing so stayed at a hotel where he had some interesting observations. That is why I like his blog.