Random 60: Can't wait.

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Random 60: Can't wait. on Viddler.

Wait, are you saying that you can not wait? Or, are you saying that you'd rather not wait? See, there's a difference. But - even though I don't like the phrase "I can't wait" I don't see any alternative that won't peg you as being a geek or nerd.

It is one of those odd sayings that, it seems, everyone uses even though it is technically incorrect. Sure, it is sarcasm at its best - but it doesn't make sense at all to say "I can't wait to eat lunch.". Well, yes, you can. And you know what? You probably will.

I know I know, I'm being overly analytical. It is my job as a dork. But, since I can't come up with any suggestions to replace the phrase - I suppose I'll just have to live with it. But, I can't wait until someone comes up with something better.