Random 60: Watch those calories!

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Random 60: Watch those calories! Favorite on Viddler.

Whether you are dieting or not it is always good practice to make sure you watch what you're taking in. Calories can creep up on you. There are more calories in everyday food than most people would guess. In today's Random 60 I use the extreme example of Ben & Jerry's ice cream to make a point - that there is a crap load of calories in most food you'd pick up off of the shelf and whoof down before even looking at the nutrition information.

Here are some sites that will either help you track what you're eating, or generally enlighten you as to how many calories are in some everyday foods.

  • If you have an iPhone, try Lose It. It is an application that can help you track your food intake day-to-day.

  • If you're hungry, do not click this link. This Is Why You're Fat is a Web site that shows you delicious food (read: not food that is generally a good idea to look at if you're trying to lose weight).

  • SugarStacks is a Web site that shows you the number of sugar cubes found in every day foods. Neat idea.

Have you ever been surprised by the number of calories in food compared to the number of calories you thought was in that food? And, do you know any good resources to add to this list?