Junto posters by P’unk Avenue.

I have yet to find the time to make the trek to Philadelphia for Junto, “a club of mutual improvement”, but I have been paying attention to the visual works of P’unk Ave – the design studio run by my friend Geoff DiMasi and his excellent team – for the club. Namely, the posters.

I’ve gone out to the PunkAve Flickr account and consolidated the Junto posters here. I suggest you visit the Junto Web site, the P’unk Ave. Web site, and the Junto tag on Flickr for more information if you are interested.

Junto: Design

Junto: Music

Junto: Technology

Junto: Creative Communities

Junto: Free Beer

Junto: Health

Junto: Site Maps

Junto: Rethinking the Library

Junto: Art Criticism

The posters are thoughtfully prepared and really set the mood for what I am sure is an excellent event for the exchanging of ideas about interesting topics.

I’m very much looking forward to attending my first Junto in the future – until then I’ll simply sit back and enjoy these posters when they appear in my Inbox.