Random 60: Stop complaining!

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Random 60: Stop complaining! Favorite on Viddler.

In the world of social media everyone has a voice. If you only have 1 follower on Twitter (I’m cdevroe, btw) or the only friends you have on Facebook (I’m on there too) are your relatives – it doesn’t matter – you have a way to spread “your message” easier than ever. Why not make it a positive one?

It seems that people are spurred on to talk about the bad more than they are about the good. If your cable goes out, your car won’t start, or your cell phone loses coverage — you complain. This is understandable. I do it too. But all that does is spread that negativity. Lets stop spreading as much negativity and try to be positive now and then. Lets be real (don’t be fake-positive) but lets try to keep it balanced at the very least.

How? If you use Twitter or Facebook copy and paste this:


Note: You do not have to do a video. A Twitter message, Facebook status, Flickr photo, or blog post will more than suffice.

If you have a blog, you can probably figure out how to tag your post with r60. We can watch the results on Twitter here.