Carbondale, PA Music & Wine Festival

City Hall

I’d be remiss not to mention that Carbondale, Pennsylvania is having a Wine & Music Festival on June 20, 2009. Mayor Justin Taylor, who is pretty active on Facebook, created a Facebook group for the event. (Not sure why he didn’t chose to create an event on Facebook, rather than a group, but at least he is using Facebook.)

Eliza and I really enjoy the Finger Lakes Wine Festival in Watkins Glen, NY. Huge tents housing hundreds of local wineries, brewers, local music talent, food, and more. The entrance fee, which I believe is $40 for two days, is more than worth it.

Train crossing

The Carbondale Wine & Music Festival’s entrance fee is far less expensive (though it is only one day and, I assume, much smaller) at $10. Steamtown, a national park in Scranton for trains, is sending a train to Carbondale for those in Scranton that would like to take the train. That price is $25. I’m half-tempted to drive to Scranton just to take the train ride from Scranton to Carbondale.

I’m happy that Carbondale is having such an event and I hope it goes really well for the city. I continue to have high hopes that Carbondale can dig itself out of its current state and, in some ways, return to what it was so many years ago (before my time). One way we can all help is by supporting local business, building businesses in town rather than out, going to events like these and trying to help promote them, and generally keeping your part of town clean.

Oh, and I’m not going to bring up Wingfest 2008. Because that won’t happen in Carbondale, right?

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