Blockbuster coming to Tivo, iTunes?

Dave Caolo on TUAW, who is apparently from Scranton, remarks on statements made by Blockbuster’s Vice President of Digital Entertainment Kevin Lewis that Blockbuster will be offering content through Tivo soon and maybe through Apple’s AppleTV (or iTunes).

I like his opening paragraph:

“On a January day in 1981, my sisters and I experienced unbridled glee when our father came home with a shiny new VCR. Imagine: Movies. In our own house. Whenever we wanted. What a world! It was an enormous, top-loading hunk of metal and plastic that I’m sure is currently at the bottom of a Pennsylvania landfill.”

How does he remember it was January?

Anyway, I’m not sure how to react yet since the Reuters piece mentions Apple but Kevin Lewis does not (at least not quoted directly in the article). We’re already seeing movie rentals and even HD movie rentals available in the iTunes Store so I am not sure how Blockbuster can directly improve the quality of Apple’s offering unless they give Apple a share of their OnDemand subscription fee. Who knows?

Either way, I’m happy to see Blockbuster moving forward.