LOST: The Time Loop Theory

I take all theories, especially LOST theories, with a healthy-sized grain of salt. I've read theories, especially just before the beginning of Season Two, that I thought were too incredibly detailed not to be the real thing. They all turned out to be duds.

As we're finishing up the second-to-last season of LOST, I'm guessing that the accuracy of theories may rise. We'll see. But I suggest that if you do not want anything spoiled, do not read this theory either.

The Time Loop Theory suggests that there are several iterations of time at work on The Island. That Richard and Ben have both lived more than full lifetimes on the island in an effort to change an ultimate future demise of the island. That The Orchid, combined with The Swan, was able to keep the island in a continuous 108 minute loop. And much, much more...

You'd really have to read the entire thing to get the scope. And a lot of sounds pretty darned convincing - but then again - so did so many other theories that ended up not panning out. I'd be ok with this theory being the official story of LOST. But being that the theory is open ended - I'd like to see how it all ends anyway.

Source: The Time Loop Theory.

Via: Jason Kottke.