A fish with a transparent head

This coming via Justin Blanton who says "mind == blown" after linking to a fish with a transparent head.   The fish, Macropinna microstoma or barrel eyes, is a bit of an oddity.  Most fish have their eyes on the sides of the head, giving them a much better view of the things going on around them and even behind them. This fish doesn't have that luxury. Its eyes are more towards the front. To combat this little problem the head of this fish is transparent so that it can see behind itself.

Yeah, I'll go with mind == blown too.  I wonder where a brother can find out what these things taste like. :)

Source: See A Fish With A Transparent Head.

Via: Justin Blanton.

Update: It turns out that this fish isn't a new discovery but the fact that their eyes rotate and that their heads are transparent is. More info.